64 Headphones High Quality Distribution system

  • Powering 64 headphones with global volume control and automatic diagnosis
  • First solution of immersive sound without compromise PCM 24bits/96KHz
  • Price on request
  • System designed with two strong aluminium units
  • S2, supply and diagnosis unit, audio interface with monitoring DAC
  • D8, distribution unit with 8 high quality outputs
  • One S2 can power up to 8 D8, i.e. 64 headphones, on 100 meters total lenght network
  • A single shielded cable Cat5e transmits audio, DC power and remote control, with lockable connectors
  • Diagnosis mode checking each headphone (incorrectly inserted connector, faulty cable)
  • Individual amplifier for each headphone
  • Operating with PCM 16 to 24 bits and from 44,1 to 96KHz AES3 or SPDIF (electric and optical)
  • The system provides same level for the all audience
  • An attenuator on each D8 allows mixing parks of different types of headphones
  • Designed and made in France
  • They chose S2/D8 for their binaural applications : Radio-France, RFI, INA, CNSMDP, France Télévision, Agence du Verbe, Compagnie du Veilleur
    Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz 0/-1dB
    Signal/Noise Ratio 100dB re +4dBu 22KHz BW unity gain
    Harmonic Distorsion 0.015% THD @ 1KHz 0dBFs with load 32 ohms
    Sampling Frequencies de 28KHz to 108KHz automatic synchronization with a valid frame
    Word length 16 à 24 bits
    Digital audio formats AES3 & SPDIF IEC 60958 Type I XLR & Type II RCA & TOSLINK
    Temperature range +5 à +40°C
    Humidity < 75% without condensation
    Network Non standard RJ45 EtherCon® / Cat-5e shielded cable
    AC Power 100-240VAC 50-60Hz 120W fusible 2AT PowerCon®
    DC Power 48VDC ±6V 2A Jack coaxial diamètre ext. 5.5mm et int. 2.5mm
    Weight 890 grammes aluminum case
    Dimensions 170 x 145 x 55 mm long x depth x height
    Output level max. 8dBu each headphone @ 0dBFs
    Power max. 130mW with 32 ohms loading
    27mW with 250 ohms loading
    Attenuation (PAD) -18dBFs max. in steps of 2dBFs
    Weight 760 grammes aluminum case
    Dimensions 170 x 145 x 55 mm long x depth x height