When work means passion

Feichter Audio is a brand of Feichter Electronics, a company created in 2011 by Laurent Feichter. We are located in Lannion, Brittany, an important tech center renowned for its leading position in the telecommunication sector since the early 60s.
The town is home to major telecom companies such as Orange or or Alcatel (today Nokia)) as well as to a wide range of SMEs specialized in the fields of optics, electronics and computing.

Our aim is to devise professional tools, without any compromise as to the audio quality. 3D binaural sound is our own field of expertise but our system is perfectly suited for other uses.
Our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and the specific requirements of the binaural stechnology.

"I'm an optronics engineer and I graduated from the ENSSAT in 2010. Ever since I started my studies I've been fascinated by electronics. I felt I needed to develop my expertise which is what led me to create my own company. It does indeed enable me to work in any industrial field and encounter technologies I would never have come across had I specialized in a particular sector.
I am also a classical guitarist and have long been a sound enthusiast. This is why I have chosen to design, manufacture and market audio equipment for professionals.
I met Pascal Rueff, binaural 3D sound expert, in early 2013. We soon thought of combining our fields of expertise in order to create our own range of audio equipment.
Binaural is minimalist, yet so deep and complex : a simple two-channel format can induce an intense experience and it is my responsibility to ensure the electronics prove reliable, state of the art and equal to the task.
We're a small team in a small company, which gives us a good deal of freedom and flexibility. Initially, I had an idea that our level of expertise would be limited by our small scale, but it's really the opposite : we are not hindered by some unwieldy organization or communication problems. We like to think of ourselves as the new craftsmen in today's technological and digital world."

Pascal Rueff has been exploring 3D sound composition and production for 15 years. His work, which concerns the whole technical chain, develops daring innovations for the binaural technology in the fields of the performing arts and gps assisted site visits.